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Playtech Software Company was founded in 1999 by a group of exceptional people with very diversified backgrounds. Their goal was to create a better format for internet gambling. Playtech Software now employs over 170 people all over the world and more than Two Thirds of these employees’ jobs are solely devoted to research and development in all fields of the company; including games, technology, platform improvements and so on.

The Playtech Software Company had been credited with several of the Internet Gambling Industry’s firsts, including Transaction Histories, VIP Ratings, Realtime Gaming, and Live Human Dealers. And this fact alone makes them much more appealing to casino owners for several reasons, including lots of exciting games, the latest in updated security features, and more.

Casino owners will always flock to a company such as this mostly because they know they will be able to stay in business simply because their players will always come back to see what’s new and improved. At this point in Playtech’s development, they are in the perfect position to become the best in the market for Multi Activity Gambling Operations, and one of the main reasons for this is that they, very wisely, decided that when they opened their doors, they would never operate their own casinos.

The reason that this would be an unwise decision is because it could/would create too many conflicts of interest with the casino owners buying software from them. In order to make everything as fair as possible for everyone, Playtech Software has taken and continues the role of a neutral third party. This way, casino owners aren’t having to compete with their software provider for business. In the always evolving world of online gambling, Playtech Software is on top of the game in all of the important aspects, and they are continuously striving to grow and expand their horizons.

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